Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Post

So it's late at night and I should be in bed already, but Leah inspired me to start a blog. I'm hoping so keep this site updated so that anyone who wants to can keep up with us as we get ready for the baby and beyond. Right now I'm 23 weeks pregnant. The baby is about a foot long and weighs roughly a pound. So far everything is going so well. We just started our registry, and it's really overwhelming trying to figure out what we need. Next step is getting her room ready, and anyone who knows us knows that getting anything in our house together is a challenge! But I can't wait until we're ready to start painting and putting things together.

The baby moves around a lot, which is really cool. This is probably when she'll be most active, since as she gets bigger she'll have less room for all of the acrobatics she's practicing now. We have a book of 101,000 baby names. That's a lot of names to get through, much less decide on! But we do have a few months left to figure it out. That's it for now, but I'll add some photos and things soon. Goodnight!

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