Sunday, December 7, 2008

Long work weekend

We both took off Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get stuff done around the house. We don't get many days off together because of our work schedules, so it's hard to get anything done together. It was nice to have 4 days in a row. We took all 3 animals to the vet, which is something we could never do seperately, so now everyone is up to date on shots. But our big project for the weekend was painting the baby's room! It was quite a production because we had a lot of junk piled up in there, and also in the room that we needed to move all of the junk into. We did a lot of organizing and moving stuff around to start with, but we were ready to paint by Saturday. Esther and Jesse came over to help, Mike's parents were here and my mom was here, too, so it was a busy, productive day! We got a coat of paint, and also lots of cleaning done. Esther even cleaned out and organized two of our closets! Today we got the second coat on, and we'll take a look in the morning to see if we'll need another coat. We used a new paint that has no VOCs, so it was supposed to be safer for me to be around. It hardly even smells.

Mike took before and after pictures, and new pictures of my now giant belly at 27 weeks. I'll post them hopefully in the next couple days so you all can see our progress. It's back to work tomorrow, so goodnight!

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