Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recent pics and video

Here we are trying out the back hold with the B'eco. Works pretty well, and it makes laundry a bit easier.
Tamsin has a big girl car seat! Here she is trying it out in the house.

Here she is in the dress Aunt Esther got her... I think for Christmas last year!

Here's before dinner...

And after! I don't know if you can tell, but she has squash mashed into her eyelashes!
And here's a video of her waiting patiently in her chair while I got dinner ready.


Mimi said...

Does she like being on your back in the Beco yet? Oh, and, mmmmm, squash :P

Rachel Miriam said...

I've only used it on my back a few times, but she was good with it each time. I like her on the front so we can interact, but the back is nice when I need to get stuff done.

Mimi said...

I only ask because Nik *loved* it, so at some point I'm sure she will too :D