Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tamsin's Current Events

Ever since she could crawl, I would play "I'm gonna get you!" with her when she was crawling away. She always giggled when I picked her up. Recently, she started turning around and running towards me when I went to get her. Now she doesn't even wait for me to chase her. She walks away, then she'll suddenly turn and run as fast as she can straight towards me. I have to pick her up and say, "Gotcha, gotcha" and then she wiggles free and runs off again.

She already used the potty a few times! I think it was by accident during the week, but on the weekend I put her on it as soon as she got up and she went right away! It's still too soon for serious potty training, but she's definitely on the right track!

One of her favorite things now is to put things in other things and carry them around. Here are some good ones of her walking:

(Sorry they're sideways; I guess I can't hold the camera that way for videos like I do for pictures.)

While I was writing this, Tamsin decided to empty her bookshelf. Here's a picture of her with the bookshelf in the background before, and some pictures of her sitting in a giant pile of books!

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