Saturday, July 31, 2010

New words

There's no way I could capture everything that's been going on or all of Tamsin's new accomplishments, so this post will just be about learning to talk. She's known many words for a long time now, but she wasn't consistent with them. Recently she's just exploded with all kinds of new words, and they're getting clearer and easier to understand. Sometimes it really sounds like she's saying something but it doesn't seem possible so I'm not sure if I'm hearing things. For instance, yesterday she was eating some broccoli for dinner (that in itself was a big accomplishment!) and I asked her what color her broccoli is. She immediately said "Grn!" So in addition to naming things, I think she 's getting colors like green, blue, and yellow. She also says "purple!" very clearly. Here are some of her current words that we're sure she said:

Car keys
Cat (said repeatedly when a cat came on TV)
Ball (also very exciting when one shows up on TV or in a book)
All kinds of animal sounds - Roar, Baa, Woof, Meow

There are lots more all the time and sometimes really random words. In addition to saying more, she very clearly understands pretty much anything we say. She can point to pretty much anything in a book. Her favorite book is a farm with lots of animals in the background. She'll find the rooster, the cat, the bug, the caterpillar, the cow, the butterfly, and pretty much anything you ask her. She's still a happy, curious bundle of perpetual motion. She's always giggling and pretending and tearing through the house like a tornado. She definitely lets us know if she doesn't want to do something, but she's never just cranky or upset for no reason. It's hard to believe she's almost a year and a half already!

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