Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silly Little Girl

Here are some cute Tamsin sayings, mostly just from today. There's no way I could remember all of them because everything that comes out of her mouth is adorable!

On the way to the store this morning, a little voice pops up from the back seat, "Get present!" I asked what kind of present she wanted, and the answer was, "Want BIG present!" Later, when I was in the bakery section to get bagels, she held up two fingers and said, "How about 2 bagels?"

She is having another no nap day. I was lying down with her, and we were face to face. She loves singing head and shoulders knees and toes, and she was pointing to my face to do eyes and ears and mouth and nose. I was saying MRMP! when she got to my nose, which she thought was so funny. Then she took my hand to touch her nose and said, "Tamsin's MRMP!"
There is a dresser with a 3-way mirror in the room I work in. She likes to see her reflection (See myself!) and whoever else is with her. Then she realized there were more reflections and started /counting, "1, 2, 3 Daddies!" Later the same day she was in with her Grammie and pointed in the mirror, saying, "My Grammie, my Mommy, my Tamsin!"
I brought her car seat in the house to adjust the straps and clean the cover. She climbed in and buckled herself in (with help) then said "Ready go shopping with Mommy!"

She still likes to make us draw the same things (ice cream cones, kites and cuckoo clocks) but now she requests an ice cream cone, and then she colors the ice cream flavor in. She also is really starting to like coloring books and choosing different colors for different objects.

Earlier she almost fell asleep, but she opened her eyes and saw her Corduroy stuffed bear. She pointed to the tag and read, "C-O-R-D-U-R-O-Y! Spells Corduroy!" That's the first time I've ever her connect letters to a word other than her own name.

Had to reopen this post to add anther one - While continuing to try for a nap, I said she could have some books to read (so she'd stop trying to leave the bed). She was looking through a book about potty training, and got to the last page. She said, "No more diapers! The end!" and closed the book.

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