Thursday, December 22, 2011


Tamsin is getting to the fun age where we really have to watch what we say and do! I think this age is where she gets to embarrass us so that we can feel good about being embarrassing parents when she's older.

The other day in Target, I took her to the bathroom. When we got out I was putting her in the cart as she louldy announced that Mommy went tinkle in the potty.

Mike bought me the latest Zelda game, even though I told him not to! Because it's so good and I have to play it now.  It's the first game I've played since Tamsin was born I think. Tamsin and I were at a store, and there was a toy sword. She picked it up and started swinging it around "Like Zelda!". Then she went over to a large stuffed cheetah and said she was "swording it." I'm not sure if I should be concerned about the violence (Zelda is pretty cartoony for anyone who hasn't seen it) or excited that she's into Zelda, too.

She just announced to her grandmother that she was "bored of coloring." I may have asked her if she was getting bored with something if she seemed to lose interest so I guess that's my fault, too.  Hopefully that doesn't translate too soon into a more general "I'm bored," but I don't think it will because she's very good at staying busy!

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