Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did you ever see a Lassie?

Life with Tamsin is just one silly thing after another. No way I could ever write down every cute thing she says. So here are some highlights, all from today:
I'm a starfighter! (said with star shaped glasses on)
Daddies are cool! (said after I asked if she was having fun playing with daddy)
Mommy, I'm a concert! (I heard her singing and said she sounded good, but and she came running into my office)
She told the story of the 3 Mommies. "once upon a time there were 3 mommies, a great big papa mommy, a medium sized mommy mommy, and a wee little baby mommy."
She watched barney and now she singing "did you ever see a wassie" over and over and over...
This one I had to say today, "no poking your eyes with your toes!"

Watch "Did you ever see a lassie?" on YouTube

Had to come back to add something - there's a lot of silly in just one day, and I already forgot half of it!
She varies her song by occasionally singing "Did you ever see Alasky" and then cracking up.

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