Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update for (almost) 11 Months

Christmas seems like years ago now, but we're just getting our tree down. Everyone's healthy again and it's so great to have Tamsin's happy personality back. She's coming up on 11 months(!!!) and I thought it would be fun to give a little snapshot into what she's like right now. Her personality and sense of humor are really developing quickly. Some of the things that make her laugh right now include:
  • Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? by Dr. Suess - this one always makes her smile when I read it to her. She loves books in general and will get upset i
  • Farm animal sounds - I have a farm animal app for my phone, and every time I push one of the animals, she smiles, then looks at me to make the sound and say the animal name.
  • Stealing glasses - it's even more fun if you put them on her.
  • Peekaboo - she'll use a blanket, or even her pants while I'm changing her, to cover up her face and then uncover it to giggle.
  • Tickling - of course.
  • Clapping - Tamsin loves to clap! She'll giggle and then start clapping back.
  • Baby Einstein Baby's First Sounds DVD - I shouldn't admit to this, but Tamsin does watch some DVDs. This was makes her giggle whenever the bee puppet or the sheep puppets show up. She'll clap at them, too, and wave when the kids say hello and goodbye. She also loves the music DVD that Leah and Joel got her for Christmas. One of the songs is really upbeat and shows kids dancing and she smiles and sometimes dances a little when she sees it.
  • She thinks it's so funny when Mike pretends to eat her toys or chew on her teething toys.
I was wrong about her walking by Christmas, but she is very mobile. She's cruising and crawling all around the house and getting into everything. She gets really mad if you don't let her have something she wants, but luckily she can usually be distracted by something else. She's getting her appetite back after being sick, and is eating more that ever so I'm feeling relieved by that. She loves to play with her toys, or with whatever she finds around the house, and especially likes things that make noise. She even rubs her hand on the hardwood floor to make it squeak!

Finally, here's Tamsin earlier today wearing the Star Wars shirt she got for Christmas:

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Esther said...

Awesome! So glad it fits her!