Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bragging about Tamsin

I think it's time for a post just to brag about all of the amazing things Tamsin can do now. I really don't know if she's all that advanced or not, just that I'm completely blown away by so many things! Today while eating dinner, out of nowhere, she started counting. I've heard her count before to 3 or 4, but she went all the way to 10! She also can spell her name and will just randomly start yelling T! A! M! S! I! N! She also knows her colors and shapes and the alphabet (sometimes). The other day she brought me a shape book and then went through and pointed to each one and said Square! Oval! Triangle! She sees letters on something and will point and say M! or B! She knows most of them. She says so many words. Her diction isn't always clear but I guess we can forgive that in a 19 month old, and we usually at least understand what she's trying to say. Her favorite phrase right now is All gone! She'll move all of her food off of her tray to the table so she can say it, or her blocks from the couch to the floor so she can look at the couch and say All gone! She is very excited about car horns. When she hears a car unlock she yells Bop! Bop! (Beep beep). She'll pick up car keys and pretend to push a button and yell Bop! Bop! I want to post video of all of this, but she doesn't perform on command and usually tries to grab the phone or camera as soon as she sees it. I promise I'm not making up any of this!

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